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#1 Your Age Is An Important Consideration When Shopping For Skin Care

Fact or Fiction

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(So we wonder, does that mean if you are under 50, you're immature?) Nonetheless, before you buy into any of these arbitrary age divisions, ask yourself why the over-50 group is always lumped together? According to this logic, someone who is 40 or 45 shouldn't be using the same products as someone who is 50 (only 5 or 10 years older), but someone who is 80 should be using the same products as someone who is 50...?

What you need to know is that age is not a skin type and choosing products based on your age is not a wise way to shop.

It can be confusing but the truth is not everyone in the same age group has the same skin type. Your skincare routine depends on how dry, sun-damaged, oily, sensitive, thin, blemished, or normal your skin is, all of which have nothing to do with age. Then there are the issues of skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, allergies, and other skin disorders, which again, have nothing to do with age. What people of all ages need to do is protect the outer barrier of their skin in exactly the same way and avoid unnecessary direct sun exposure (sun protection), don't smoke, don't irritate your skin, and be sure you use well formulated skincare products loaded with antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients. Plenty of young people have dry skin, and plenty of older women and men have oily skin and breakouts (particularly women who are experiencing perimenopausal or menopausal hormone fluctuations).

Turning 50 does not mean a woman should assume her skin is drying up and, therefore, that she must begin using "mature" skincare products—which almost always are just products that are designed for dry skin and are no different from any of the other skincare products for dry skin on the market. For many over 50 (including Paula), it definitely does not mean that the battle with blemishes is over.


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