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Ordering & Payments

What payment methods do you offer?

You can pay by credit card, Paypal or by bank transfer.

For bank transfers, please note:

For Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy and The Netherlands: you can transfer your payment in your local currency, to a local bank account in your country. For this option choose bank transfer in the payment menu and follow the instructions.

For all other EU countries, you can transfer your payment by means of an international bank transfer. For this option choose bank transfer in the payment menu and follow the instructions. When making such transfer please make sure you quote the IBAN and BIC codes which are clearly indicated in the instructions. If you do not quote these codes, your bank will charge you an additional fee for your bank transfer.

Do I have to pay extra taxes, fees or import duties when I order from

Paula's Choice is a US brand, firmly established in the EU. We have been so for many years.

We ship to all EU countries, so if your shipping address is in the EU, you can simply order on our website without having to pay additional taxes, fees, or import duties. The products you order from us will be sent to you from our warehouse in The Netherlands.

Can I make changes to my order after I’ve placed it?

We are sorry that it is not possible to make changes to your order once you have placed it. However, our 30-day money back guarantee gives you the opportunity to return any parcel or product that you do not wish to keep.
However, that our 30-day money back guarantee gives you the opportunity to send back any parcel or product that you do not wish to keep.

How do I get a Paula's Choice discount code?

Take a look at the Paula's Choice discount codes page where you'll find all our current promotions and discount codes.

How can I stay informed of all the Paula's Choice discount codes?

Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to receive the latest promotions and discounts.

How do I use my discount code ?

You can redeem your discount in your shopping cart. Simply enter your code in the 'Discount Codes' field then click on 'apply coupon'.

Are there conditions to a discount code?

A discount code can only be used once. Not valid on previous orders. And not valid in combination with any other discount codes, promotions and set codes. Discount codes are only valid on orders at

See all the latest discount codes from Paula's Choice.


Are there regions in Europe you do NOT ship to?

Deliveries will not be made to The Channel Islands of Jersey & Guernsey & The Canary & Balearic Islands & Madeira.

What do I need to know about how my order will be shipped?

  • Paula's Choice Europe ships Monday to Saturday, six days a week, to all EU destinations. If payment of your order is confirmed 20:00 on Monday to Saturday, your order will generally be processed and shipped the same day.
  • Our parcels are be shipped via DHL. Sample-only orders (up to 17 samples) are shipped via International Mail.
  • Paula's Choice Europe ships Paula's Choice products only to the 28 member states of the European Union.
  • An email will notify you of the receipt of your payment by Paula's Choice Europe. A further email will inform you once your parcel has been shipped to your delivery address.
    Shipping rates are in Euro and will be mentioned separately on your invoice.
  • The delivery time mentioned for each country refers to the time after your parcel has left our warehouse. We cannot guarantee delivery times; these are indicative and for information only.
    Please provide us with your complete delivery address and contact telephone numbers as this may help timely delivery.
  • At present we do not have express delivery facilities. Such service may be available in the future.
  • If a parcel cannot be delivered (e.g. if there is no one at the delivery address to receive the parcel), a note with instructions will generally be left at the delivery address. Usually you can call the parcel delivery service to arrange a date for redelivery or alternatively, you can pick up your parcel from a local point of service. Please note that the delivery procedure depends on the local parcel delivery service and may vary from country to country.

Shipping to Norway and Switzerland

Do you ship to Norway?
We are sorry that this is not the case, due to certain regulatory and fiscal restrictions. We are aware that Norway is a member of the EEA but there are important differences between EEA members and EU Member States. In this particular instance we have been informed that there are various regulatory requirements applicable in Norway, which differ from those applicable in the EU. Moreover, shipments from an EU-country to all non-EU countries (including EEA members such as Norway) are regarded as "exports out of EU" and require different procedures regarding VAT and customs.

Paula’s Choice is currently being sold in Norway by and

Please note that on delivery of your order, local VAT and any other applicable local taxes and duties are due.


Do you ship to Switzerland?

Due to certain regulatory and fiscal restrictions, Paula's Choice Europe only ships to countries within the EU. However, it is still possible to have items shipped to Switzerland using

In order to do so, please register first with then visit our German Paula’s Choice website: is a service that allows you to shop from German online stores and have items shipped to Switzerland.

For further information on how to place orders through, please visit or contact our German Customer Service team. 

Contact details for Customer Service at Paula's Choice Germany are:
- telephone: +49 (0)30 – 2201 38 980 or +41 (0)44 - 523 63 09
- e-mail:


Returns & Exchanges

What is your product guarantee / return and exchange policy?

Please note that we offer samples of almost all Paula's Choice products for a small fee, so you can try before you buy. At Paula's Choice Europe we stand behind every product we sell.
If you are not satisfied with any Paula's Choice product, for any reason, you can return it to us within 30 days of date of purchase and we will happily refund the purchase price (not including shipping).

Samples (i.e. sachets) are only eligible for return when unopened.


  • Before returning a product, please contact our customer care team via the website or at to report  a return.
  • It is not possible to exchange products.
  • Please mention your order number, the item you want to return and the reason.
  • Please pack the item(s) securely and include the invoice or packaging slip.  If these are not available any longer, then please do not forget to mention your order number and name on a separate piece of paper. 
  • You will need to obtain a proof of postage receipt when you send your item to us. Proof of postage does not cost anything but without it we may not be able to process your refund or replacement in the rare event that your item is lost in transit.
  • Refunds are processed to the card/method of payment that was used in the original order.
  • Empty bottles/tubes of products cannot be accepted.
  • Returns that exceed the 30 day guarantee period cannot be accepted.
  • Opened samples (i.e. sachets) cannot be returned.

How do I return or exchange an order?

  • Before returning a product, please contact our customer care team to request a return.
  • If you return a product without informing us, it may result in us being unable to process your return.
  • Please mention your order number, the item you want to return and the reason.
  • Please pack the item(s) securely and include the invoice or packaging slip.  If these are not available any longer, then please do not forget to mention your order number and name on a separate piece of paper. 
  • You will need to obtain a proof of postage receipt when you send your item to us. Proof of postage does not cost anything but without it we may not be able to process your refund or replacement in the rare event that your item is lost in transit.
  • Refunds are processed to the card/method of payment that was used in the original order.
  • Empty bottles/tubes of products cannot be accepted.
  • Returns that exceed the 30 day guarantee period cannot be accepted.

More about our return policy in the General Terms and Conditions

Online Security

How can I be sure that this site is safe and secure?

Ensuring that all transactions are secure is a top priority! When you've confirmed your order, we'll let you know that you're being transferred to Adyen payments secure server. Once there, you enter your credit card or account number and complete your order. Through Adyen payments, Paula's Choice Europe offers you a number of safe payment methods.

Is it safe for me to enter my credit card number when I place an order?

Yes. All order information is processed through our secure servers. This security feature scrambles all information before it is sent over the Internet and also makes sure that you are sending it to the right place.
When you enter your credit card information on the order form, the encrypted information is automatically transmitted to a secure credit card gateway for online credit card approval. It's really no different than having a waiter swipe your credit card in a restaurant. Both use standard phone lines, encryption coding, and authorization processes.
Once your credit card is validated, we receive an authorization and process the order.
Your credit card information is encrypted throughout this entire process and the system is very secure. You don't need to be concerned about someone you don't want accessing your credit card information.

Product Questions

Do you test on animals?

No. Paula's Choice has never tested on animals at any stage of product development and never will. We also do not contract with any third parties to conduct animal testing on our behalf.
Throughout Paula's 30 years of writing about the beauty industry she has consistently spoken out against testing cosmetics on animals.
We are committed to the global adoption of alternative safety testing methods and the elimination of animal testing on cosmetics worldwide. In April 2013, Paula's Choice became an officially certified member of the Leaping Bunny Program.
The requirements for the Leaping Bunny Certification include a commitment to eliminate animal testing not only from the company, but also from our ingredient suppliers. The result is a product guaranteed to be 100% free of new animal testing. The program is administered by a coalition of animal rights organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States and the National Anti-Vivisection Society. For more information on Leaping Bunny see

Why aren’t all Paula’s Choice products available in the EU?

This is because there are differences between the regulations of cosmetic products in the United States (US) and the European Union (EU). The use of certain ingredients or substances in cosmetics are sometimes regulated differently. Also, certain products considered to be cosmetics in the US are considered to be (over the counter) drugs in the EU.

Why don't you sell the entire Paula's Choice makeup line?

The demand for Paula's Choice makeup products in the EU was so low that we decided to stop carrying them in 2009. Today, the Paula's Choice Europe range includes a few make-up products, which complement the products on the large general makeup market.

A new product I want is available in the U.S. When will I be able to buy it in the EU?

Most new products are available in the EU approximately 4 weeks after the US launch. If you want to be kept up to date with the latest products launched in the EU and as well as special offers and promotions sign up for our free newsletter.

Why has my favourite skincare or makeup product been discontinued?

We're sorry if your favourite Paula's Choice product has been discontinued! We know how frustrating it is to be without an essential part of your skin-care or makeup routine.
The decision to discontinue a product or shade is never done impulsively and many different factors are taken into account, including consumer preferences and purchasing patterns. Even some of Paula's personal favorites have been discontinued! In our efforts to continually improve the line and respond to customer feedback, you will see that new colours and formulas, some of which may be variations on your favourites, are introduced on an ongoing basis.
If you need advice about a substitute for a discontinued product, please get in touch with us. We're happy to help!

Can I buy your products in a store?

Currently in the EU, Paula's Choice products are only available through our website.

How can I try your products before I buy them?

If you want to find out if our products work for you before you commit to buying the full-size, we offer samples of almost all our products. So, for a small fee, so you can try before you buy.

Website Assistance

I am having difficulty with the website?

Please send an email to: . If possible, please specify: operating system (PC or MAC), browser type and version, page URL, and exact error message.

Do you use cookies? Can I still shop if I turn off my cookies?

Yes, our site does use "cookies," special text files that store information temporarily on your computer. We use cookies so that you can add items to your shopping cart. If you do not have cookies enabled (that is, if you have changed your browser's preferences to not accept cookies), you won't be able to order online.

Why is the shopping cart forgetting what I added?

This is probably because your "cookies" are turned off. To function properly, the Paula's Choice Shopping Cart's require that you enable cookies in your web browser.
Enabling cookies allows the Paula's Choice websites to recognise you as you browse through our site; if cookies are disabled, our website will lose track of you, and items may disappear from your cart.

Other Questions

What are the General terms and conditions for Paula's Choice Europe B.V.?

Your use of this website (also “Site”) constitutes your agreement to comply with the following terms and conditions (the "Agreement"). These general conditions apply to your use of this Site, to every order you place, to every purchase you make through this Site and to every agreement which is entered into between you and Paula’s Choice Europe B.V. (“Paula’s Choice”).

For our Returns and Exchange Policy, click here.

Intellectual Property Rights

This Site and all materials contained on this Site, including but not limited to images, text, photographs, designs, icons and illustrations, except those already covered by existing copyright and intellectual property protections, are the property of Paula's Choice, Inc., and/or its owners or affiliates. To reproduce, republish, alter, upload, post, transmit, distribute or publicly display material from this Site, you will need written permission from Paula's Choice Inc. and Paula’s Choice. The trademarks and logos used and displayed on this Site are trademarks of Paula's Choice Inc. and others. Nothing contained on the Site should be construed as granting, by implication or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademark displayed on the Site without the written permission of the trademark owner. Users may view and download material from this Site only for personal, non-commercial home use, and such permission is deemed adequate consideration for this contract. Paula's Choice Inc. will aggressively enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law. Any rights not expressly guaranteed herein are reserved by Paula's Choice Inc. or Paula’s Choice, as the case may be.

Product/Advice Disclaimer

This website does not offer medical advice, or attempt to diagnose or treat any skin problem or skin condition. If you have a medical problem with your skin, please make an appointment to see a doctor or a dermatologist in your area. All products should be used as directed on the product container or on this website. Discontinue using any product that causes irritation (redness, itching, burning, scaling, soreness, or other symptoms). If you are dissatisfied with any product, inform us thereof as soon as possible. For details see our Returns & Exchange Policy, which forms an integral part of these conditions.

The information provided by this website or this company does not substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a dermatologist or with your doctor, and should not be construed as individual medical advice.

Information/Recommendations Disclaimer

The intent of this site is to present the author’s ideas and perceptions about the marketing, selling, and use of cosmetics. The author's sole purpose is to present consumer information and advice regarding the purchase of makeup and skin-care products. The information and recommendations presented strictly reflect the author's opinions, perceptions, and knowledge about the subject and products mentioned. Some people may find success with a particular product that is not recommended or even mentioned on this site, or they may be partial to a skin-care routine Paula Begoun has reviewed negatively. It is everyone's unalienable right to judge products by their own criteria and to disagree with the author. More important, because everyone's skin can, and probably will, react to an external stimulus at some time, any product could cause a negative reaction on skin at one time or another. If you develop skin sensitivity to a cosmetic, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor. If you need medical advice about your skin, consult a doctor or a dermatologist.

Warranty Disclaimer

The content of this Site is provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. The products sold through the Site are sold "as is" and without warranties of any kind, express or implied.
To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, Paula's Choice disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, title, non-infringement and fitness for a particular purpose. Paula's Choice does not warrant or represent that the content on the Site, whether prepared by Paula's Choice Inc., Paula’s Choice or by third parties, is accurate or reliable, that the Site will be free of errors or viruses or that your access to and use of the Site will be uninterrupted or secure. You understand that any warranties provided in connection with any third party products described on the Site are provided solely by the third party and not by Paula's Choice or by Paula’s Choice Inc. Your sole remedy for dissatisfaction with the Site is to stop using the Site. You acknowledge by your use of the Site that your use of the Site is at your sole risk. Paula's Choice is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or other damages, whether arising out of contract, negligence, strict liability or any other theory, in connection with the Site, the content thereof or the products sold and described thereon, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall Paula's Choice's liability to a user exceed the amount paid by the user for accessing the Site or for the purchase of products sold thereon.

No Endorsement

In some instances, the content on the Site represents the opinions of Site users. Paula's Choice nor Paula’s Choice Inc. do not endorse such opinions.

Void Where Prohibited

Although the Site is accessible worldwide, not all products discussed or sold on the Site will be available to all persons or in all geographic locations or jurisdictions. Paula’s Choice only offers and sells products to residents of countries of the European Union and only ships parcels to addresses within the European Union. Paula's Choice further expressly reserves the right to limit, in its sole discretion, the availability to the Site and/or the provision and quantity of any product or service to any person, geographic area or jurisdiction it so desires. Any offer for any product made in connection with the Site is void where prohibited. Use of this Site is unauthorized in any jurisdiction (1) that does not give full effect to all provisions of this Agreement, (2) where all or any portion of this Site may violate any legal requirements.

Code of Conduct

You agree not to:

  • restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Site and services;
  • transmit any unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, libellous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable or harmful information or materials, or any information or materials that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law;
  • transmit any information or software that contains a virus, worm, Trojan horse or other harmful or disruptive component;
  • transmit materials in violation of another party's intellectual property rights;
  • use the Site for any commercial or unlawful purposes; or
  • modify, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any portion of the Site.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Paula's Choice from and against any and all claims, damages, costs or other expenses, including all reasonable attorneys' fees incurred at arbitration, on any trial or appeal that arise, directly or indirectly out of or from your breach of this Agreement (including your violation of the Code of Conduct) and/or out of any other of your activities in connection with the Site. This section will survive the termination of this Agreement for any reason.


If you wish to make purchases of products described on the Site, you may be asked to supply certain information including but not limited to credit card or other payment information. You understand that any such information will be treated confidentially by Paula's Choice. You agree that all such information that you provide will be accurate, complete, and current. You agree to pay all charges incurred by users of your account and credit card or other payment mechanism at the prices in effect when such charges are incurred. You will also be responsible for paying any applicable taxes or duties (other than VAT) relating to your purchases. The prices displayed on the Site are in Euros and are inclusive of VAT.

Dissolution of sale agreement

Your right to dissolve an agreement for the sale of products, entered into through this Site, in accordance with the provisions of Directive 97/7/EC on Distant Selling and any implementation thereof in national legislation, can only be exercised under the following conditions:

  • you must notify Paula’s Choice by e-mail within 7 (seven) working days after you have received the parcel containing the products, stating that you wish to exercise this right;
  • after having received instructions from Paula’s Choice by e-mail you must, within 5 (five) working days of receiving these instructions, return, at your cost and at your risk, the unopened parcel to the address indicated by Paula’s Choice. Please note that, in view of the fact that the products are intended for personal care, parcels which have been opened will not be accepted for return under this provision;
  • after Paula’s Choice has received the parcel and has established that the parcel has not been opened, Paula’s Choice will refund within 30 days the purchase price, including postage costs and excluding any applicable taxes and duties other than VAT.

Our Returns & Exchange Policy applies once parcels have been opened and to all other situations.

Your Letters, Questions and Comments

You acknowledge and agree that, by sending Paula Begoun, Paula’s Choice and/or Paula’s Choice Inc. your questions, whether in writing or by email, you grant to Paula Begoun, Paula’s Choice and Paula's Choice Inc. at no cost a perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, universal right and license to link to, use, reproduce, transmit, modify, adapt, publish, display, distribute, translate, and sublicense such material (in whole or in part) and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or hereafter developed for the full term of any copyright that may exist in such material. Further, by submitting content to Paula’s Choice or Paula’s Choice Inc., you represent and warrant that you have the authority to grant such rights and that the content you submit will not violate any right of any third party, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, and privacy rights.

Use of Passwords

Use of any password-protected area of the Site is restricted to the individual who has been given permission and a password to enter such area (the "Authorized Party"). The password cannot be distributed to others, and the Authorized Party is responsible for any and all damages to Paula's Choice resulting from the distribution of his or her password.


Paula's Choice shall have the right at any time to (a) change the terms of this Agreement, (b) change the Site, including eliminating or discontinuing any content or feature of the Site, restricting the hours of availability, or limiting the amount of use permitted, or (c) change any fees or charges for use of the Site, including instituting new or increased fees or charges for the use of the Site or any other related services or feature thereof. This Agreement may be modified by Paula's Choice at any time by Paula's Choice posting the modified terms on this Site, and your continued use of the Site thereafter shall be deemed acceptance of those modified terms and conditions.


You agree that this Agreement is entered into in the Netherlands and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Dutch law, exclusive of its choice of law rules. Each party to this Agreement submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and waives any jurisdictional, venue, inconvenient forum or other objections to such courts. In any action to enforce this Agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to costs and attorneys' fees. In the event that any of the provisions of this Agreement are held by a court or other tribunal or competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, such provisions shall be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that this Agreement shall otherwise remain in full force and effect and enforceable. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto pertaining to the subject matter hereof, and any and all prior or contemporaneous written or oral agreements existing between the parties hereto are expressly cancelled. No waiver by either party of any breach or default hereunder shall be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach or default. Any heading, caption, or paragraph title contained in this Agreement is inserted only as a matter of convenience and in no way defines or explains any paragraph or provision hereof.

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