7 ways to save time in the morning

(and still look gorgeous!)

 iStock_000007982197XSmallNo matter how perfect your makeup looks or how well your outfit is put together, being late always makes a poor impression. We know that streamlining a morning beauty routine can be a challenge (and who doesn’t want a few extra minutes of sleep?) so we’ve compiled some of The Paula’s Choice Team’s tried-and-true tricks to help you look great and arrive on time, wherever you’re headed.  

  1. Pick out your outfit the night before. Assemble your entire ensemble: coat, earrings, undergarments-everything! Don’t let your morning get hijacked as you scramble to pick out the perfect necklace. Doing this the night before means you’ll absolutely feel more put together in the morning.
  2. Do your non-essential or pampering skin-care treatments at night. Cleansing, toning, and a liberal application of sunscreen should be all you need. Unless you’re treating a breakout, you can exfoliate before bed-and wake up with glowing skin! Use evenings to touch up nails, tweeze brows, and tend to any other beauty details that will slow everything down in the A.M.
  3. Shower the night before. Not only will this relax you before bed, but it will save you considerable time in the morning. If you’re concerned about unruly bed-head, try sleeping on satin pillowcases, which really does help minimize overnight tangles.
  4. Keep a clock in your bathroom, but not your cell phone! Not only is the moisture in the bathroom damaging to your phone (and can activate your phone’s moisture indicator, which voids the warranty), but you can easily get sidetracked by texting or emailing while you should be getting ready. Put your phone in your briefcase or purse-and leave it there!
  5. Choose multi-tasking products. Using a well-formulated tinted moisturizer with sunscreen can save you so much time and money! Paula’s Choice Barely There Sheer Matte Tint SPF 20 is an excellent and affordable option that gives you coverage, hydration, and sun protection-all in one! Other great options are reviewed on Beautypedia.
  6. Weekday mornings are not the time to experiment with a new makeup look or new products. Save that fun for the weekend. Creating a new makeup look can take time-and what if it doesn’t look good? You’ll have to start all over! Go with what you know works.
  7. Keep your makeup routine simple. This one speaks for itself-staying on schedule means keeping it simple! Your “every day” makeup shouldn’t take you longer than ten minutes, tops!