Firm & Rejuvenate Set

Firm & Rejuvenate Set

  • Fight fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots and dull, dehydrated skin with this advanced anti-ageing power duo.

  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Concern: Anti-Aging , Dull skin
  • Ingredients: Ceramides , Retinol (Vitamin A) , Vitamin C View all
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  • This set includes

  • What does it do?

    The perfect couple to counteract ageing skin.

    • The Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment firms skin, fades dark spots and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The combination of a high concentration of retinol, antioxidants, and skin restoring ingredients stimulate cell renewal and smooths skin.
    • The Clinical Ceramide-Enriched Firming Moisturizer contains a mix of effective ingredients that improves signs of ageing. It has a unique CollagenSupport Complex containing 5 ceramides that naturally occur within the skin to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol promotes firmness and vitamin C brightens a dull complexion.
    • Also includes a copy of '40 Beauty Myths Busted' by Paula Begoun and Bryan Barron, a curation of facts about what works for skin and what doesn't.
  • Key Features

    Strengthens skin's natural barrier

    Helps skin act younger

    Softens fine lines and wrinkles

  • How to use

    New to Retinol? Allow your skin to get used to retinol by gradually building up usage of the Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment, starting from three times a week to every other night, then finally each evening as tolerated. Clinical Ceramide-Enriched Firming Moisturizer can be used each night, as it contains a lower percentage of retinol.

    At night, apply a pea-sized amount of the Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment after cleansing, toning and exfoliating. Follow with the Clinical Ceramide-Enriched Firming Moisturizer. In the morning, always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater while using these products.

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  • Ingredients

    What are the key ingredients?

    Major components of skin’s outer layers, necessary for their water-retention capacity and provide replenishing and restoring benefits.

    Powerhouse ingredient that can improve a variety of skin concerns, most related to visible signs of ageing: It’s skin-restoring, wrinkle-smoothing, an antioxidant and improves sun damage.

    Vitamin C
    One of the most well-researched vitamins for skin, shown to improve the look of multiple signs of ageing, brighten uneven skin tone, as well as provide skin-restoring and soothing benefits.

    Please check the individual products for ingredient listings.

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