• Resist Anti-Aging Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF30 Full size
  • Resist Anti-Aging Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF30 Full size
  • Resist Anti-Aging Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 Sample

Resist Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF 30

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  • Lightly tinted moisturising lotion protects skin from sun and absorbs excess oil.

    Our Resist Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF 30 has got a new look! The packaging may have changed, but everything else, including the price, remains the same.

  • Skin Type: Combination skin, Oily skin
  • Concern: Breakouts , Anti-Aging , Brown spots , Sensitive skin
  • Ingredients: Antioxidants , Resveratrol , Zinc Oxide View all
  • Routine: Moisturizer AM
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  • What does it do?

    A lightly tinted mattifying moisturiser.

    This super-light anti-ageing moisturiser with SPF protection minimises shine by absorbing excess oil. A gentle mineral-based sunscreen and potent blend of antioxidants protect and fortify the skin. The sheer tint and soft matte finish make it the perfect makeup base.

  • Key Features

    Mattifies shiny skin

    Protects from sun damage

    Fights signs of ageing

  • How to use

    How to use

    Apply as the last step in your morning skincare routine. Allow a moment to dry before applying makeup.

  • Reviews

    13 reviews
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    Marta - The best texture, but the shade is not universal.
    It's the best sunscreen for the face that I've tried (I've tried about 15 of them). It glides on the skin perfectly, feels almost watery and does not leave heavy layer. It didn't dry out my dry skin, but I pile on another moisturizer under it. When my skin is very sensitive after another treatments it can sting a little bit upon application, but it's nothing like the synthetic sunscreens and it passes almost immediately. Most days I don't have this issue. I like that it is not waterproof as I don't need that for every day use and non-waterproof sunscreens tend to be lighter and easier to remove. When put on in correct amount (1,25 ml for the face) it doesn't dry down completely and it stays a little bit tacky, but it's nothing that a little bit of setting powder won't fix and I don't mind that. My only issue with it that it's too dark and too peachy for me. I have pale Slavic coloring, with yellow undertones. This sunscreen shifts form pale beige-pink right out from the tube to light-medium peachy tone after some time on the face. As I use it only on the face (price) I have to use bronzer on my neck and chest to make it match. I'd love if Paula's Choice made also untinted or lighter version of this sunscreen. In the mean time I will still use it unless I find something as good and untinted.
    Elena - Light and easy
    I used it all summer as all-in-one sunscreen and sheer foundation to replace the Barely There Sheer Matte tint (which seems to be out of production, regrettably). Happy with the results, solved my summer skin problems. One of the few products I could actually tolerate in hot, sticky days. I wouldn't consider it much of a moisturiser though, in normal conditions. Also, I'd still prefer a more ecofriendly version. However, it performs really well and I like the light texture and sheer coverage of this sunscreen.
    Thilda - All time favorite
    I've been using this moisteriser for years now and still stick to it. It's perfect for weekends when you do not want to wear much makeup, or no makeup at all, as it's lightly tinted and covers few brown spots and spots marks here and there. Plus it evens out the skin tone, giving you a better glow for the day. During the week I don't have much time for my makeup routine and don't want the full coverage effect. I like natural looking styles. Technically speaking I first use this product, which dries quickly and is non sticky, and then I use the pinpointing coverage technique on spots and darker areas. After that I use foundation powder and that's it: flowless, matte and natural looking. Texture wise this product is just perfect then, plus it keeps my skin from drying. So happy it exists!
    Didony - Really good for oily skin and under makeup
    This is my favourite product from Paula's Choice and I use it every single morning. It keeps me matte and my foundation stays all day. The tone is very suitable for my light skin and I do not use primer when I use this moisturizer. The only complaint I have is that the price goes higher and higher every time I look at it in the website.
    Rose - Keeper
    After having tested Paula's Choice products I think I may have found the skincare line for a lifetime. There are many products to love but the moisturizes with SPF are one of the best. I have loved to use Hydralight as well as Calm moisturizer with SPF for my oily skin. I am glad to say that the Resist moisturizer SPF30 is my new favourite. I don't like to use too much make up. With this tinted moisturizer I need only a little powder/make up powder and blush because the moisturizer is actually as BB cream as someone mentioned. This calms and covers redness and keeps skin as matte as my oily skin can during the day ( I still have to blot during the day). This provides enough moisture after toner in the daytime. If you don't have very oily skin maybe this isn't moisturizing enough. Let's see how this works when the winter gets here. After all you could use a serum under this.
    Alina - true matte finish, no irritation, BUT not very moisturizings
    I'm 29, combination skin type, normal, since converting to PC skincare only 4 months ago!

    over all I love this SPF product, because it stays matte all day long, and it is safe for use around the eye area, no irritation at all. It does work under make up. I just would like it to feel more moisturising and soft for my skin.

    I think I prefer the HYDRALIGHT MOISTURIZER SPF 30, which I also own and have been using alternating between Resist Anti-Aging Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF30 for several months, because HYDRALIGHT MOISTURIZER SPF 30 feels more emollient, although it is not completely matte.
    Lea - Great product. Sold out? Not so great...
    Absolutely love this product. Non-greasy, the tint and coverage is perfect for the summer months, and it does not cause me any break-outs at all. But just as I am running out AND want to use your offer of 10 % off on sunscreens & 10 % off on buys over 75 Euro, you are sold out??????? That is just so disappointing!
    Bob - What happened?
    Just because I received a sample of this one and decided to buy - because its the best product I've ever tried - is now out of stock. What happened?

    Customer Care: Thank you for your review. We are happy to hear that this product worked well for you. Please stay tuned, it will be back very soon.
    Olga - Good sunscreen but drying
    I have been testing this cream on my ageing oily skin along with the other SPF creams samples from PC. What I like about this product is that it is easy to apply and that it is suitable for the around eyes area - very important for me, because I have brown spots there due to the constant lack of suitable around eyes sunscreen.
    I could not choose to buy the full version of this cream though - no matter how silky the texture feels on my fingers, when applied it leaves my skin tight and dry. Also the tint looks too dark and unnaturally orange on my very pale face (especially in comparison to my neck), so this time I opted for a PC Hydralight Moisturizer SPF 30.
    Ella - Excellent except for the shade
    I have combination with rather oily t-zone. I can't use chemical sunscreens because my skin and eyes will get irritated immediately, so I have been hunting down the perfect physical sunscreen. I think this one is the best I have found so far: it doesn't irritate, it's easy to apply and it leaves most of my skin matte for 12 hours. I agree this product might be too light or even drying for normal or dry skin, in fact I sometimes use another day cream on my cheeks before applying this on.

    There's only one reason why I'm not completely happy with this product: the shade. I'm from Finland and my skin has a VERY pale, warm(ish) tone. Even though the shade in this product is very light, it's still too dark and red for me. I have fixed this issue by mixing it with a drop of Avene's Mineral Ultra-Light SPF50 Hydrating Sunscreen lotion, which makes the shade better match for my skin.

    Please, please make this in different shades!
    Vera - Okay but not great
    I used this moisturizer last summer. It did not irritate my rosacea- and break out prone skin at all which is good, but it felt very dry and uncomfortable. I think you have to have oily skin in order to feel comfortable with it. I have normal/combination skin. It also made my skin tone look really pale, even though I have fair skin. Could be great for someone with very fair, oily skin though.
    Bárbara M. - Great Texture, Great on Oily Skin
    I really like this product, I can apply it effortlessly when I don't need much coverage and just looking for a healthy glow. It makes my oily skin feel smooth for most of the day.

    It blends well with my skintone, but it's not a substitute for foundation. It's a good base for makeup, though. I think it has a faint coffee-like smell, it's very subtle and pleasant.

    Since it has SPF, I use it as a day cream.
    Elina - Good for light skin
    I love that this product is for combinated skin and with sun protection, which is not a common thing. Application is easy, texture is nice and feels very smooth. Not irritating on my sensitive skin. I have blackheads, spots and all that jazz and it didn't make it worse or clog pores.
    First I loved it, but now I am not sure. It does not feel moisturising enough. It leaves my chin white because of a bit dry skin and every day I am applying another moisturiser on my chin. I guess this is because it is also for oily skin and is suppose to leave matt finish.
    It looks like it is a bit tinted which on white skin is fine. But my husband cannot really use it. His skin is darker (Indian) and it is visible where cream was applied and where not.
    A bit puzzled should I order another one or try different product.
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  • Ingredients

    What are the key ingredients?

    Help to protect skin against harmful free radicals, among others caused by sun light and pollution. They have anti-ageing properties and calm skin.

    Potent antioxidant abundant in red grapes and, therefore, in red wine. It has significant skin soothing properties for skin.

    Zinc Oxide
    Mineral sunscreen, effective in providing protection against sun’s UVA rays in addition to UVB rays. Very gentle and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

    Aqua, Cyclopentasiloxane (hydration), Zinc Oxide (13%, Nano, broad spectrum sunscreen agent ), PEG-12 Dimethicone (texture enhancer), PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone (texture enhancer), Lauryl Lysine (skin-conditioning agent), Sodium Chloride (stabilizer), Trihydroxystearin (texture-enhancing), Dimethicone Crosspolymer (suspending agent), Resveratrol (antioxidant), Quercetin (antioxidant), Epigallocatechin Gallate (antioxidant), Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E/antioxidant), Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (vitamin C/antioxidant), enisonedA (skin-restoring), Bisabolol (skin-soothing), xilaS Alba (willow) Bark Extract (skin-soothing), Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Extract (antioxidant), Haematococcus Pluvialis (Astaxanthin) Extract (antioxidant), Hydrolized Corn Starch (texture-enhancing/mattifying agent), Polysorbate 80 (texture-enhancing), Hydrolyzed Silica (texture-enhancing/mattifying agent), Triethoxycaprylylsilane (texture enhancer), C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate (emollient texture enhancer), Isopropyl Titanium Triisostearate (texture-enhancing), Caprylyl Glycol (preservative), Hexylene Glycol (preservative), Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499) (colorant), Phenoxyethanol (preservative).

  • Faq

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the biggest difference between Resist Anti-aging Youth-extending Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 and Resist Anti-Aging Super-light Daily Wrinkle Defense SFP 30?

    Resist Super-Light SPF 30 has a mineral sunscreen base, which makes this product more suitable for people with sensitive, oily skin. The mineral sunscreen also provides a greater mattifying effect than the Resist Hydrating Fluid SPF 50. Resist Super-light SPF 30 has a touch of colour to help skin look more even-toned. Resist Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 has a fantastic light texture that is ideal if you have oily, breakout and blackhead-prone skin.

    Is Resist Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 suitable for breakout-prone skin?

    Yes. Despite containing 13% zinc oxide, this formula was designed so that the zinc oxide ‘floats’ over skin rather than settling into pores - this is accomplished via innovative silicone technology.

    Is Resist Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 suitable for rosacea?

    Yes. Not only is the formula fragrance-free (like every other Paula’s Choice product) it contains the gentle mineral active zinc oxide plus proven anti-irritants and antioxidants that work to reduce inflammation. When inflammation is reduced, skin appears less red and looks more even-toned.

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