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Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator

Skin Type: Combination to Oily Skin
Concern: Acne-prone | Anti-Aging | Blackheads | Breakouts | Wrinkles
Full product name: Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator
Size: 50 ml
Item: 7690

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  • lnnovative formula for those struggling with wrinkles and breakouts
  • Encourages a radiant, spot-free, even-toned complexion
  • Proven ingredients stimulate healthy collagen production
  • Potent antioxidants help defend skin against damaging free radicals
  • Niacinamide improves skin tone, texture, and color
  • Silky lotion texture hydrates without feeling greasy
  • Superb for use around the eyes (use in place of your eye cream)
  • 100% fragrance- and colorant-free
  • View the research and studies showing the benefits of using this product under "Ingredients".
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Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator
Lovely for my combination skin
Review by Laura
I have true combination skin, meaning my cheeks can flake whilst my T-zone shines at the same time. This has been really good at balancing my skin, leaving all of it smooth and hydrated. It isn't greasy and absorps really fast, so I don't have to wait before applying makeup. It surprised me when it came out yellow, but it dries completely clear so don't worry :) However, I don't think this would be enough for anyone who's skin is normal-dry. (Posted on 04/02/2017)
Not for my skin, caused break outs
Review by Isabel
I truly wanted to love this moisturizer, as of all the samples I got, this one had the nicest consistency and felt more hydrating. This moisturizer feels very luxurious to me and I was planning on getting a bigger sample or the full size...

While my skin is acneic/sensitive and do lean towards the oily side, my skin is perfectly normal with small pores. And so I always have trouble finding a moisturizer that controls acne breakouts but isn't drying and matte. I know many here loves that kind of thing, but I want my skin looking rather plump than ashy and matte. Unfortunately, this moisturizer (together with the other products from the line) did not feel okay on my skin. After an hour or so my skin started to feel aggravated/itchiness and break out in cysts, and within two days my skin was looking way worse then when I started. I guess my skin doesn't tolerate too many active ingredients, which is too bad because this line sounded perfect for me. (Posted on 16/06/2016)
Review by Heather
RE: SMELL - I'm not sure why people are going out of their way to SMELL their skin care products - it's not food, you're not going to eat it & it's not meant to be applied as a fragrance. Paula's Choice products are fragrance free, so come on, you should already know what not to expect when you buy these fragrance free products! But anyway, I haven't once gone out of my way to smell this moisteriser, & I still haven't, because honestly, it doesn't smell of anything. If it did, I think I'd pick up on it. The PC Clinical 1% Retinol is a product that doesn't have a fragrance however I do pick up on a scent when applying it & strangely enough it smells really nice, but again, this moisteriser has no scent, & nobody should be purchasing this prodeuct expecting there to be one.

I have very sensitive skin & this moisterizer does not give me in any way sensitivity, which leads me to believe that if you're suffering from sensitivity, you're either having an allergic reaction to an ingredient in this product or it's something else you must be using. The same applies to anyone who's recommending caution to those with acne-prone skin. I suffered from acne prior to switching to a full PC skincare routine, & this moisturiser does not cause acne. It's a light creamy gel that leaves skin plumped & moisturised without residue or the feeling that you're wearing anything on your skin, because it's not heavy, it's not greasy or sticky. I love this moisturiser & BECAUSE I suffered from acne, was not a great fan of moisturisers in general. Thank you, PC! (Posted on 24/04/2016)
Review by Lorenzo
I am 36 years old. This is absolutely THE BEST moisturiser i have ever tried in my life. I have oily/combinatin skin and works perfectly for me, no shine and it takes take of those areas where my skin is less oily and i can even use it on my eye area. Skin is smooth and tight and no redness. I have been using this product for about a week and it gave me such great results. Thank you Paula, a guy from Italy (Posted on 05/03/2016)
Really like it
Review by FLAVIA
I can't say much about the anti-wrinkle yet, but it's a very good moisturizer and it does get rid of red marks due to breakouts.It's a good product, although I have to agree with KL - it's 'non-fragrance' fragrance is unpleasant indeed. (Posted on 10/12/2015)
I like it a lot
Review by Alexandra
Very good moisturizer. It absorbs completely and it's not too moisturizing, it's perfect for oily and combination skin. Just making skin better without the feeling that you are "wearing" something. (Posted on 03/12/2015)
Great to add over aha/retinol to stop dryness
Review by Dawny
I got this in a 30ml size, as a free gift (I think when I spent over £50). I use it only at night, due to it not having SPF. My skin is combination - I have a slightly oily T-Zone and am normal elsewhere. This moisturiser is really good. It doesn't have retinol, or hylauronic acid etc - so its extremely gentle, and JUST a moisturiser! I don't technically need one - my skin is not dry, but I like using one and this is just perfect for me occasionally when I do use one, at night. It is slightly pale yellow in colour and the consistency is a thickish, lightweight cream. It smooths nicely onto my skin - one pump is definately enough for my whole face and neck. It hasn't appeared to break me out, or make me oily. I find it soothing and calming and it totally sinks in, not leaving a shine or that "wet, shiny" look you sometimes get from moisturisers. But more unexpectedly, it has been a fantastic product to use over my stronger products from Paula. I have been having a slight peel happening - from which product I'm not sure - either 5%/10% aha or the 1% retinol. I use all 3 so don't really know which it is, but putting a layer of the Clear Skin Hydrator has really helped. Whether it slightly "dilutes" those products or not I'm not sure, but I have found it helps ALOT with minimising that peel stage. I can't give 5* yet as I haven't used it alone or frequently enough to see anti-aging results, but I really recommend it for anyone looking for a great, basic moisturiser. It's also lovely around the whole eye area! Another great product Paula, thank you! (Posted on 01/06/2015)
Holy grail moisturiser
Review by Rhys
I never thought I would find the perfect moisturiser for my combo skin but guess what ? I did and this is it it's light it's soft it sinks in in no time and a small amount goes a long way tho I am probe to using 4-5 pumps as I like to feel well and truly moisturised to the hilt . (Posted on 10/07/2014)
Excellent product
Review by Alexandra
I have normal/combination skin with the first signs of wrinkles coming my way. This product does really deliver for the things I need - hydration without swamping my skin and providing a lovely smooth base for make up. I can't comment if it's keeping wrinkles at bay but I love the texture and how lightweight it feels. Overall I would highly recommend it and even my partner has started using it and loves it too! (Posted on 08/07/2014)
I looooove this :)
Review by Maiken
I simply love this moisturizor!! It has a lovely silke like texture, my oily skin does'nt get more oily when I use this, and it leaves my skin feeling soft as a baby's bottom!!
I use this before going to bed, if my skin feels a little stressed or dehydrated, and once or twice a week, when i use the RESIST Weekly Resurfacing Treatment.
Others write, that they have a problem with pump? I have no problems at all!!!!!
(Posted on 25/04/2014)
Broken air pump
Review by Rojin
I really like the feel of this moisturizer, but the air pump in the container is broken so I am forced to take the top off the bottle all together to access the content. This is very unfortunate since I believe some of the ingredients in the moisturizer are ruined because of the air exposure. Other than that this is a good product. Customer Care: Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear about the pump and will contact you for a replacement product. (Posted on 20/03/2014)
Air-pump not working
Review by Cristina
Unfortunately the product could not be used due to the same not working air-pump problem. I wish the packaging was different. After contacting customer service was fully refunded, for which, I am grateful. (Posted on 28/02/2014)
Dodgy pump - but great moisturiser!
Review by Sarah
I love the concept of this moisturiser - finally a moisturiser that prevents oily skin from ageing! I use this as a night cream (no SPF) with the 2% BHA Gel Exfoliant. I found that my skin doesn't go dry again straight away like other 'oily' skin moisturisers, it feels just right. The results the next morning have been great so far - my skin still feels soft and smooth, and a little brighter too! The only problem is the pump doesn't reach far enough - or might be broken. From the first day I've had to store it upside down in order for the moisturiser to come out! Customer Care : Thank you for your review and we are sorry to hear about the experiences with the pump. The pump is an airless pump.Sometimes when you start to use this product you have to pump several times before the pump starts working. Also it might help to shake it a little first and tap it on the bottom before pumping. If this does not work please do contact our customer care department : and we will find a perfect solution for you.
(Posted on 15/01/2014)
Not for me
Review by Priscila
I had tried to use the RESIST Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator in two separate times with 1 week apart each, but it makes me breakout. And this last breakout was bad, I am so sad this happend to me.  Before I buy it I did asked custom service if this was the right product for my oily acne prone skin and they agree. Customer Care: Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear of your experience and discomfort. Although this is not a common response, we do understand that each customer is uniquely different in how they will respond to products or ingredients. We will contact you to discuss other options. (Posted on 12/12/2013)
The best moisturizer ever made
Review by me
This is by far the best moisturizer I have ever used! I have tried hundreds of them, also the ones by PC in the Hydralight and Skin Balancing lines, but nothing works like this one on my sensitive, inflamed and congested combination skin that is also showing signs of premature ageing thanks to aggressive and drying treatments used in the past. I liked the other PC moisturizers too, but the Skin Balancing gel wasn't moisturizing enough for me, and the Hydralight lotion left my skin a bit too red and congested. This one gives me the perfect level of hydration, calms my skin and lets it breathe, and gives me the most amazing feeling of rejuvenation. My skin definitely looks younger, healthier, and fresh again. I also love the consistency, it's the perfect fusion of gel and lotion, and my skin just drinks it up. I use this twice daily after cleansing, toning and exfoliating with PC products. (I use mineral makeup with SPF during the day.) The daily skin care regime that works best for me consists of the Skin Balancing cleanser and toner, the 2% BHA gel, and this moisturizer. They all work great together, and I can use all of them morning and night. This seriously saved my skin, please don't ever stop making this! (Posted on 10/10/2013)
Ok for my sensitive combination skin
Review by Adriana G
This moisturizer is the best I have tried from Paula`s Choice. I have sensitive combination skin and I had trouble finding a moisturizer that hydrates my skin without leaving it oily. I can use this moisturizer as well in the summer as in the winter and my skin looks the same - hydrated but not oily. However my skin color and texture did not improve even if I am using this since almost 1.5 year.
(Posted on 10/08/2013)
Absolutely fantastic for oily, acne-prone skin.
Review by Amber
I can't recommend this product enough for oily and spot-prone skin. I love this moisturiser because it's not just aimed at being light and avoiding shine, like most moisturisers for oily skin. Having just turned 25, I'm looking for something a bit more substantial, that's going to do a bit more, and this really delivers. My skin tone is noticeably brighter and more even, and I love that I can use it under my eyes too (no need to buy an expensive separate eye cream.) THANK YOU THANK YOU for making a product that actually works!! (Posted on 13/07/2013)
I love this silky moisturiser.
Review by Jay
The best moisturiser i've used. I use it at night for my acne prone oily skin. This has to be the best at balancing out the harshness of my Benzyl peroxide cream, not only that, it slowly removes the hyper-pigmentation marks i get from my acne. But the biggest bonus is, that the dryness and the lizard skin that years of Benzyl Peroxide and harsh cleansers caused, have now gone. I've been left with smooth to the touch skin. I can't really describe how it makes me feel. I know it's for the older person for wrinkles etc. but i'm in my lates 20s and have damaged skin from acne products, and this has really improved things. (Posted on 04/07/2013)
the best moisturizer but the worst packaging
Review by Nadja
I don't now if it is just my bad luck but the packaging of this wonderful moisturizer let me down two times in a row. First time the pump just did not work no matter how many times and in how many different ways I tried to pump...I thought it was just my bad luck and in my next order I reordered the product, thinking that I will just replace the non-working pump with the working one. And so I did, but the new pump worked just for two weeks and then stopped. Now I have two moisturizers with two non-working pumps. So naturally I am very dissapointed with the packaging of this product which is by the way my favorite moisturizer of all times. The shipping costs quite a lot from Slovenia so I don't think I would benefit much from returning the I just use a stick to get the moisturizer out :-(
Customer Care: We are sorry to hear about the pumps. The RESIST Hydrator and Barrier Repair have new pump packaging on the way (summer/fall of 2013), truth be told we would have put this in a tube if it was in any way possible! As this formula (and the Barrier Repair) contain such potent levels of their ingredients, the air exposure of tube packaging isn't a possible alternative (unlike most of our products). (Posted on 20/02/2013)
Wonderful summer day moisturizer
Review by Diana
I use this in the summer and spring months when the weather is less dry. It has a fantastic texture and disappears with no greasy feeling. Great as you can put it on just before applying make-up and don't have to wait for it to ''dry'' on your skin. I have dry skin in the winter, so switch to the moisture boost cream from Nov-March. Brilliant product! (Posted on 17/01/2013)
Review by Zahid
I like this moisturizer feels nice on skin and also feels like a really good quality product non of that cheap fluffy moisturizer feel.
At first i didn't think that two pumps is going to be enough because my face felt a bit tight after this but i have got use to it now and its working brilliantly,its a nice size as well lasts ages. (Posted on 04/12/2012)
great product
Review by Kitty
I have combination skin. I've been using this for a month now and I can see improvements in my sking tone - it has become even. Silky smooth texture, very pleasurable to use, does not conflict with makeup, does not ball up. Perfect! (Posted on 13/09/2012)
i would recommend
Review by Mathilda
Been using this product for a few months now and i do feel it makes a difference on my skin. I love all Paulas products and would never spend money on anything else really, so not too surprised by this new product. I do prefer to use it in the evenings though, since can get a little much underneath both antioxidant serum and sunscreen. (Posted on 28/03/2012)
Irritation within seconds of applying
Review by Katarina
I am sorry to say that I used only one of the five sample sizes purchased and within 30 seconds turned my skin red and blotchy. I didn't use any new products in conjunction with this so purely due to this product. Grateful if anyone can let me know what in this formulation is likely to cause reactions so I can make a better choice next time.Customer Care : Thank you for taking time to review this product. While the response you have indicated is not typical, we understand that each consumer is distinctly different which means they may respond differently to our products (whether used alone or combined with other products). This along with everyday environmental factors can sometimes play a part in how someone will ultimately respond to a product or combination of products. Please contact our Customer Care for an alternative product. (Posted on 17/01/2012)
The best cream for around the eyes
Review by Chelo
Excellent for oily and combination skin on summer, and really suberb for around the eyes. On winter I need to use with combination of resist super antioxidant concentrate serum. (Posted on 28/11/2011)
Great product!Thanks Paula's Choice!
Review by Andreea
My opinion about product:
skin -clearing effect (past beakoust,younger-looking skin)
good moisturizer for my combination skin
soft texture,creamy without be greasy
product can be use in place of your eye cream
it's look a like "eraser" for my skin;if you apply it before sleep,in the morning you will have skin clear & soft
good quality-price : 25,50 euro for 50 ml of product
they are saying 100% fragrance ,but for me smells a bit,it's not bad anyway
remove "red marks" from my skin,reduce redness and irritation
I like the packaging and and in general packaging Paula's Choice products range Resist (Posted on 11/11/2011)
Very good
Review by Edro
Very nice product. Definitely a good anti redness effect. I'm not sure it helps keep my skin clear, but it doesn't make it worse. A good replacement to the Regenerist, about the same price and better ingredients. A keeper. (Posted on 05/09/2011)
Best anti-redness !
Review by Eric
I've waited for more than one month to leave a feedback though I saw improvements of my skin within days (I bought it on Paula's US website when it was launched in June). This is simply the most incredible skincare product I've ever used, it has amazing abilities to fight redness and irritation (it's truly the best soothing product to use after shaving). This is definitely not a cream-gel (this description matches better the RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer) but a lightweight cream. It intensely moisturizes my oily & dehydrated skin without any greasy afterfeel, it dries to a matte/satin finish and leaves my skin so soft/silky (just like clean healthy skin). It even has allowed me to use again some products I discarted because of bad reactions (dryness and parched skin from the 2% BHA Liquid, burning sensation and redness from the HYDRALIGHT Toner). Really worth the price in every aspect. I will never stop using it, I'm in love :-D (Posted on 26/07/2011)

DIRECTIONS: Apply after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating with your Paula’s Choice skin-care system. Dispense 1–2 pumps and apply over entire face, including around the eyes. During the day, follow with a Paula’s Choice sunscreen or foundation with sunscreen; at night, for optimum results, apply after Paula's Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum.

Suggested Essential Routine: MORNING

  1. Cleanse with Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser
  2. Tone and replenish with Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner
  3. Exfoliate and renew skin with Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment 5% AHA or, if prone to blemishes, the 1% BHA Lotion
  4. Protect and hydrate with Resist Cellular Defense Moisturizer with SPF 25 and Antioxidants

Suggested Essential Routine: EVENING

  1. Cleanse with Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser
  2. Tone and replenish with Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner
  3. Exfoliate and renew skin with Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment 5% AHA or, if prone to blemishes, 1% BHA Lotion
  4. Moisturize with Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator

Advanced Routine, focus is anti-aging, combination, normal, or oily skin

Suggested Advanced Routine: MORNING

  1. Cleanse with Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser
  2. Tone and replenish with Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner
  3. Exfoliate and renew skin with Daily Smoothing Treatment 5% AHA or, if prone to blemishes, the 1% BHA Lotion
  4. Treat signs of aging with Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum
  5. Protect and hydrate with Resist Cellular Defense Moisturizer with SPF 25 and Antioxidants

Suggested Advanced Routine: EVENING

  1. Cleanse with Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser.
  2. Tone and replenish with Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner
  3. Exfoliate and renew skin: Resist Skin Resurfacing and Smoothing System
    - Daily with Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment
    - Weekly with Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment
  4. Moisturize with Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator

*note: Essential and Advanced routines may be combined, such as using the Essential routine in the MORNING, and the Advanced routine in the EVENING.

Detailed instructions on how/when to apply your Paula’s Choice products can be found in our Skin Care Step by Step Guidelines article.

Additional info

Who is the ideal customer for this product?
Formulated for anyone with normal, oily, combination or blemish-prone skin who wants a moisturizer to address wrinkles and sun damage with the added benefit of curbing blemishes and the red marks they leave behind.

What Makes Paula's Choice Products Unique?
Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator contains an exclusive complex of proven antiwrinkle and skin-clearing ingredients that renew and restore your skin, making it look younger, even-toned, and fresh. Powerful antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients stimulate healthy collagen production, repair sun damage, and fade red marks and discolorations from past breakouts. Lactoperoxidase helps eliminate breakout-causing bacteria, while soothing agents calm skin and enhance its natural repair process.

This silky, gel-lotion hydrates your skin for a healthier surface that feels wonderfully smooth. It brightens your skin with a radiant matte finish that perfectly preps it for makeup application.

Fragrance-free, colorant-free, and safe for use around the eyes. 100% Guaranteed.

Aqua, Cyclopentasiloxane (silicone slip agent), Octyldodecyl Neopentanoate (thickener/skin-conditioning agent), Glycerin (Skin-identical/repairing ingredient), Vinyl Dimethicone/Methicone Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer (silicone texture enhancer), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (stabilized vitamin C), Cetyl Alcohol (thickener), Dimethicone (silicone slip agent), Niacinamide (cell-communicating ingredient), Butylene Glycol (slip agent), Cetearyl Alcohol (thickener), Glyceryl Stearate (thickener), PEG-100 Stearate (thickener), Polysilicone-11 (film-forming agent), Adenosine (cell-communicating ingredient), Epigallocatechin Gallate (antioxidant), Glucose Oxidase (skin-clearing agent), Lactoperoxidase (vitamin B3/cell-communicating ingredient), Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract (plant extract/antioxidant), Xanthan Gum (binding agent/emulsifier), Glucose (skin-identical/repairing agent), Ceteareth-20 (solubilizing agent), Decyl Glucoside (emulsifier), Citric Acid (pH adjuster), Phenoxyethanol (preservative).

Sources to support the claims made for Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator

Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, June 2010, pages S72–S81; Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, March 2010, pages 22–27; Wound Repair and Regeneration, January-February 2010, pages 80–88; Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology, Volume 31, 2009, pages 277–287; Journal of Dermatological Science, November 2009, pages 106–112; Free Radical Biology and Medicine, January 2009, pages 78–87; Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, June 2008, pages 235–243; Food and Chemical Toxicology, April 2008, pages 1,298–1,307; Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology, 2007, Volume 6, issue 2, pages 89–106; Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, June 2006, pages 96–101; Journal of Applied Microbiology, May 2006, pages 1034–1042; International Journal of Cosmetic Science, June 2005, pages 171–176; and Biomaterials, December 2003, pages 5,099–5,113.

How is the Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator different from the other Paula's Choice facial moisturizers?
Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator is a state-of-the-art formula specifically designed to address the advanced needs of those concerned with the frustrating combination of wrinkles and breakouts.

Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin  Hydrator contains a special complex of ingredients that works to repair signs of aging as it helps keep skin clear and encourage healing of discolorations (red marks) from breakouts. And because it's a moisturizer, it also provides hydration for smoother, softer, younger-looking skin.

Despite the advanced nature of this formula, it bears the formulary hallmarks of every Paula's Choice facial moisturizer. All of them are designed to supply skin with what it needs to look and feel its best.

How come Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator doesn't contain retinol?
Although retinol is an anti-aging superstar ingredient, it's important to keep in mind that it is not the only superstar to consider. Paula and her team developed this unique formula around the benefits of niacinamide with stabilized vitamin C and a specialized skin-clearing complex. Between these and other key ingredients such as antioxidants, skin that's showing signs of aging yet still breaking out is able to repair itself and help reduce signs of past breakouts. If you wish to add a product with retinol to your anti-aging routine, consider one of our serums (note that the Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum does not contain retinol).

Do I still need to use my anti-acne products with this moisturizer?
Yes. Although we'd love it if this weren't true, the fact is that it requires more than one product to keep acne in check. Essential are a gentle, water-soluble cleanser, a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) exfoliant that contains salicylic acid, and a topical disinfectant medicated with benzoyl peroxide. Using these types of products along with Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator ensures you're combining the right ingredients to manage breakouts while also helping your skin look and act younger.

I keep depressing the pump, but no product is coming out.
The pump is not broken as you might think, but it is a so called airless pump. This product is packaged in an airless pump dispenser which utilizes a vacuum system to dispense and keep the contents fresh. Airless packaging helps to keep air and contaminates out of the product, which enhances the formula's stability and effectiveness.

When using your product for the first time, you may need to "prime" the dispenser. To prime, simply pump the dispenser slowly about 10-15 times. If the dispenser stops working at any time, simply repeat the "priming" step. Do not attempt to dismantle the package.
We kindly request you to please try again. If the pump still isn’t working please contact us.

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