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What are your shipping costs and delivery times?

Shipping costs, delivery times and delivery instructions for all EU-countries

How will you ship my order?

Carefully, because we want your product to arrive in pristine condition!

Our parcels are be shipped and delivered to you via DHL. In some countries, DHL works with a local courier to get your parcel to you:

  • France: Chronopost
  • Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania: Posti

If the shipment can fit through a standard mailbox opening, delivery will be via regular mail, by Deutsche Post.

I can’t select my country in the list when ordering. How can I still get Paula’s Choice products?

You can order our products from any EU country and from many others.

What else should I know about how my order will be shipped?

  • Paula's Choice Europe ships Monday to Friday, five days a week, to all EU destinations. If payment of your order is confirmed 20:00 on Monday to Saturday, your order will generally be processed and shipped the same day.
  • Paula's Choice Europe ships Paula's Choice products only to the 28 member states of the European Union.
  • An email will notify you of the receipt of your payment by Paula's Choice Europe. A further email will inform you once your parcel has been shipped to your delivery address.
  • Shipping rates are in Euro and will be mentioned separately on your invoice.
  • We cannot guarantee delivery times; these are indicative and for information only.
  • At present we do not have express delivery facilities. Such service may be available in the future.
  • If a parcel cannot be delivered (e.g. if there is no one at the delivery address to receive the parcel), a note with instructions will generally be left at the delivery address. Usually you can call the parcel delivery service to arrange a date for redelivery or alternatively, you can pick up your parcel from a local point of service. Please note that the delivery procedure depends on the local parcel delivery service and may vary from country to country.
  • If your package does not arrive within the regular delivery time, please contact us soon. We can only open an investigation with the courier within 2 weeks of the original delivery date.

Do you ship to Switzerland?

Due to certain regulatory and fiscal restrictions, Paula's Choice Europe only ships to countries within the EU. However, it is still possible to have items shipped to Switzerland using

If you would like to receive a Paula’s Choice delivery on an address in Switzerland, then please register on first. will then generate an individual e-mail address for you. Please use this e-mail address when placing your order on our German website Please note that the delivery address is the physical address.

If you order via MeinEinkauf, we will only charge you for delivery to a German address. The additional costs for the forwarding done by MeinEinkauf are listed on their pages.

If you would like to learn more about orders through, please visit or contact our German Customer Care team.

Do you ship to Norway?

We are sorry that this is not the case, due to certain regulatory and fiscal restrictions. We are aware that Norway is a member of the EEA but there are important differences between EEA members and EU Member States. In this particular instance we have been informed that there are various regulatory requirements applicable in Norway, which differ from those applicable in the EU. Moreover, shipments from an EU-country to all non-EU countries (including EEA members such as Norway) are regarded as "exports out of EU" and require different procedures regarding VAT and customs.

Paula’s Choice is sold in Norway by

Are there regions in Europe you do NOT ship to?

Deliveries will not be made to The Channel Islands of Jersey & Guernsey & The Canary & Balearic Islands & Madeira.