A cleanser is the cornerstone of any good skincare routine


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The best facial cleansers clean skin without leaving it feeling tight

Clean skin receives maximum benefits from other products.

Regular cleansing is essential for clean, smooth, healthy-looking skin. No matter what your skin type, the best facial cleanser should be gentle and fragrance-free to minimise irritation and protect the skin’s barrier. A good cleanser should not dry out your skin or leave it feeling greasy.

Cleansers for normal skin

What is my skin type?

Gentle cleansing is essential for all skin types, even normal. If your skin is normal to dry, look for a facial cleanser with a creamy texture and if your skin is normal to oily, opt for a gel texture.

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Cleansers for combination skin

What is my skin type?

For combination skin opt for a light gel-based or foaming cleanser. A facial cleanser with this texture will gently remove impurities and makeup without stripping your skin or leaving it feeling oily. Skin is left balanced and smooth.

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Cleansers for oily skin

What is my skin type?

The best facial cleanser for oily skin is a gentle, water-soluble one. This type of cleanser will gently remove excess oil without stripping it. Skin will feel refreshed and balanced, ready for the rest of your routine.

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Cleansers for dry skin

What is my skin type?

Dry skin needs a rich, creamy facial cleanser to gently cleanse and nourish skin. Our specially formulated cleansers will hydrate dry skin and calm irritation so you can receive maximum benefit from the rest of your routine.

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Instantly replenish and hydrate skin after cleansing

After using a cleanser, your skin benefits from ingredients that restore and replenish it. Our gentle toners provide your skin with a powerful dose of antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients that keep skin smooth, hydrated and healthy.