She saw a reason to speak, so she did

35 years ago, Paula Begoun shook up the beauty world with radically honest, straightforward talk about which skincare products would help people — and which wouldn't. She firmly believed (and still believes) that people deserve the truth, no matter what.

Determined to find a solution to her own struggles with acne and eczema, Paula began studying product labels, and realised she'd been putting the wrong ingredients on her face. She finally understood why her skin often got worse. From that point on Paula dedicated herself to learning everything she could about the science of skincare and sharing that knowledge to help others, even if it cost her a job.

20 bestselling books on beauty, regular talk show appearances on CNN, Oprah, The Today Show, 20/20 Dateline, The View, and Dr. Oz, the creation of Beautypedia, her research-based skincare and makeup review site, plus thousands of consumer requests eventually lead Paula to start her own line of groundbreaking skincare products in 1995: Paula's Choice Skincare.

Our founder's commitment to uncovering and telling the truth is alive and well today and drives every aspect of our business. We understand the need for skincare that keeps its promises — Paula wouldn't let us have it any other way.

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