Earth Sourced

Our Earth Sourced collection of products combines the best of two worlds. After all, they contain natural ingredients, supplemented with other scientifically proven, effective ingredients. The result? Proper care of your skin, without irritation. Discover more

  • All Skin Types

    Gentle gel cleanser made with natural ingredients effectively removes debris and make-up.

  • All Skin Types

    Made with natural ingredients, this gel toner restores, replenishes and soothes skin.

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    All Skin Types

    The Power Berry Serum contains extracts from 13 research proven berries selected for their ability to protect the skin against harmful environmental influences and thus repair and revitalise skin.

  • NEW
    All Skin Types

    Made with natural ingredients, this lightweight cream replenishes and hydrates skin.

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    All Skin Types

    Made with natural ingredients, this set restores, replenishes and soothes skin.

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The Earth Sourced products are all products that contain only the best natural ingredients. In total, the collection includes three different skincare products:

  • Earth Sourced Cleanser
  • Earth Sourced Toner
  • Earth Sourced Night Cream

Earth Sourced Cleanser A cleanser with a gel texture that gently cleans your skin. The cleanser guarantees clean and fresh skin at the beginning of your routine. Your skin will feel soft and you won't suffer from a dry or tight feeling.

Earth Sourced Toner A toner that nourishes, restores and protects your skin after cleaning. Contains a combination of glycerine, antioxidants and moisturising oils. The result? A silky smooth and radiant skin.

Earth Sourced Night Cream A light cream that ensures long-lasting hydration of your skin. Since it contains no sunscreen, it's best to this cream only at night. During the day, choose a cream that contains SPF.


Are you convinced that your skin products should mainly include natural ingredients? Then we recommend opting for products from the Paula’s Choice Earth Sourced collection. Want to profit from a fast and inexpensive delivery? Order your Earth Sourced collection product today.