Masks, boosters, serums and treatments can be a valuable addition to your skincare routine. Read on to find the products most suitable for your skin type. Discover more

Not happy? Get a full refund within 60 days - even if the product has been used.

Not happy with a product? We will give you a full refund within 60 days, no matter if the product has been used or not. That's how much we believe in our products.


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  • All Skin Types

    A powerful treatment with 1% retinol that firms skin, fades brown spots and smooths wrinkles.

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    All Skin Types

    Targets breakouts, brown spots and wrinkles in one go.

    20% off
    Free travel size Defense product
  • All Skin Types

    A brightening treatment that neutralises the effects of daily pollution and blue light.

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    Free travel size Defense product
  • Oily skin

    Keeps oily skin shine-free for up to 6 hours, while minimising the appearance of pores.

    Free travel size Defense product
  • All Skin Types

    Lightweight fluid works to revitalise a dull complexion, for radiant-looking skin.

    Free travel size Defense product
  • NEW
    All Skin Types

    This invisible shield defends the skin’s surface and delivers maximum protection from the effects of pollution, now and longer-term.

    Free travel size Defense product
  • All Skin Types

    A specialised blend of brightening ingredients fade brown spots and even out skin tone.

    Free travel size Defense product
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Now that you have your essential daily skincare regime in order, it's time to take your routine to the next level with one of our serums, booster and treatment products to target specific skin concerns.


In addition to a combination of active ingredients, our boosters contain a high concentration of one specific ingredient such as hyaluronic acid, retinol or vitamin C. These hero ingredients can also be found in other Paula's Choice products, but scientific research has shown that higher concentrations ensure better results for persistent skin problems. Our BOOST collection consists of eight boosters, to address your specific skincare concerns from loss of hydration to clogged pores and everything in between.


Masks involve applying a layer of the product over your skin, so that your skin retains heat and moisture. Our masks contain ingredients to hydrate and nourish skin. We have different types for different skin types and needs. For example, clay and charcoal masks are especially suitable for oily to combination skin. Sleep masks are great for dry or dehydrated skin because you leave them on overnight, the ingredients then have plenty of time to do their job.


Our serums have been developed to complement your day and night creams. They contain an effective blend of powerful antioxidants and supportive ingredients that help restore and renew skin. Our serums have different textures to suit different skin types. For oily to combination skin we recommend using a light textured serum. For dry and sensitive skin, we would recommend a rich, soothing formula.


Our treatments are specially formulated to address a specific skin concerns. Adding a treatment to your routine will help to speed up the results you're looking for. We offer treatments for those tryign to tackle ageing, blackheads and breakouts, sensitive skin, pigmentation marks, dullness, enlarged pores and more.

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