• Gentle Touch Makeup Remover Full size
  • Gentle Touch Makeup Remover Full size

Makeup Remover

6 reviews
  • Dual-phase makeup remover swiftly removes stubborn mascara, lipstick and other makeup.

    Our Makeup Remover has got a new look! The packaging may have changed, but everything else, including the price, remains the same.

  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Concern: Sensitive skin
  • Ingredients: Bisabolol , Green Tea Extract , Glycerin View all
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  • What does it do?

    Remove makeup in an instant.

    A mild, two-phase makeup remover that quickly and easily removes all makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara. Suitable for use around the delicate eye area.

  • Key Features

    Removes makeup

    Great addition to your skincare regime

    Suitable for sensitive skin

  • How to use

    How to use

    Before or after using the Paula's Choice cleanser for your skin type, shake the Gentle Touch Makeup Remover and pour a small amount onto a cotton ball or pad.
    Gently wipe over the eye area, lips, face, or any area where you want to remove makeup.

  • Reviews

    6 reviews
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    Nicoletta - Very average
    I started to use some skincare Paula's Choice products because it is among few skincare brands that classifies anti-aging products according to skin type (break-out prone, oily, dry, sensitive). Thank you for that! Most of the skincare major brands by default assume that anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products should be for dry skin only, which is non-sense and clogs the pores for those, who doesn't have dry skin! Despite a lot of criticism from Paula Begoun on Dermalogica products (rating them as very average), I must admit that their eye make-up remover is much better and efficient that this one. I never had to repeat my eye make-up removal with their eye and lip make-up remover, which is detergent based (washes away).
    My rating is based on 2 factors - the job that it does and the convenience of use. Both are not working for me. There is a lot of eye make-up left after wiping the eye area with cotton disk soaked with the product. It leaves oily residue, which I personally prefer to wash away so, I use eye make-up remover before using face cleanser. Then I was my entire face with Paula's Choice Resist cleanser for oily/combination skin with anti-aging properties. Then I apply toner, BHA, serum, face cream and go to bed.. I wake up nest morning with dark circles under my eyes (make-up residue) and black sleep in the corner of the eye, which also indicates that eye make-up wasn't removed properly. I don't like rubbing my eyes too much with cotton disk because it stretches the skin and it is unavoidable with this Paula's Choice eye make-up remover if I want to remove the stubborn mascara properly. I personally realized that I prefer and will only use from now on eye make-up remover that washes away.
    The conclusion is that this eye make-up remover is no different from any other dual-phase removers where you have to mix oily part with watery part. If you like that type of eye make-up remover - you might find it better than your usual one. As for me - person who prefers to wash it away with my hands or spongy clothes - this product is a disappointment and waste of money. I am going back to Demalogica eye make-up remover since it is the only one that does the job with little amount from the first application. It's a bit sad in a way that in 10 years I wasn't able to find a product that could compete with it...
    Wies - Excellent
    The first product to remove eye makeup without stinging or leaving your vision blurry.
    Chelo - Good, but expensive.
    It is gentle and effective, but there are a lot of eye makeup removers for less than half of price.
    Marina - very effective
    delicate on skin yet it removes even waterproof mascara, without leaving your skin dry. I even use it sometimes all over the face (when I wear heavy foundation for example). If I run out of toner, I use this as toner instead after washing my face with the usual cleanser. Leaves skin soft.
    Leonor - Perfect for removing eye makeup
    This is a great makeup remover for the eye area. It is quite effective and glides smoothly, leaving the skin feeling soft and comfortable.
    DK - perfect
    I love this make up remover. It is gentle and effective.
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  • Ingredients

    What are the key ingredients?

    Soothing ingrediënt typically extracted from chamomile.

    Green Tea Extract
    Possess potent antioxidant and skin-soothing properties and has impressive research in terms of its many benefits for skin, including anti-ageing properties.

    Skin-replenishing and restoring ingredient, found naturally in skin. It helps skin to maintain a healthy look and feel, defending against dryness.

    Please note: As with all cosmetics, avoid direct contact with the eyes.

    Aqua, Cyclotetrasiloxane (hydration), Cyclopentasiloxane (hydration), Isohexadecane (texture-enhancing), Butylene Glycol (hydration), Glycerin (hydration/skin-replenishing), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (skin-soothing), Bisabolol (skin-soothing), Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract (antioxidant), Poloxamer 184 (texture-enhancing), Sodium Dehydroacetate (skin-soothing), Allantoin Glycyrrhetinic Acid (skin-soothing), Sodium Chloride (stabilizer), Disodium EDTA (stabilizer), Methylparaben (preservative), Benzalkonium Chloride (preservative), Benzyl Alcohol (preservative).

  • Faq

    Frequently asked questions

    I have eyelash extensions, is this eye makeup remover suitable for me?

    Although this is a non-greasy and very mild remover, we do not recommend using it if you have lash extensions. The silicone formula makes it very effective at removing makeup, but with frequent use, we cannot guarantee that your lash extensions will remain intact. We recommend that you follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your beauty therapist.

    I already use a Paula’s Choice facial cleanser, do I also need to use this makeup remover?

    It depends on your personal preference. Paula's Choice cleansers are all mild enough to remove your eye makeup, but if you use heavier or longer lasting makeup, you may find it easier to use a separate makeup remover.

  • Expert Advice


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