Meet our research team

Paula Begoun - Founder
"For my entire career I’ve relied on published research about skin, skincare, and product formulations to make decisions on what were the most effective and safest ingredients to use because beauty always begins with truth! This dedication to research led to the development of all my products."

Francesca Cambuli - Manager of Education and Applied Research
"Sometimes the research surrounding an ingredient is so conclusive it is impossible for us to ignore. Peptides are a great example of this. The research showed that lab engineered peptides can be programmed to interact with different pathways linked to ageing skin. Based on our research the development team created the Peptide Booster, an elegant blend of 8 peptides which each target a different skin concern. They’re an amazing ingredient!"

Bryan Barron - Director of Skincare Research
"I love that I get to venture outside the skincare world to also examine the research in related fields, such as physiology, biology, environmental and health. Following these paths sparked the idea for our Defense collection: we were fascinated by the research that showed exposure to blue light and pollutants can be almost as bad for skin as sunlight, and years before this we learned that sunscreens could be even more beneficial when antioxidants are added to the formulas. Backed by research ensures you’re getting amazing products that will change your skin and, as we’ve often been told, your life. I can’t imagine better feedback!”

Desiree Stordahl - Senior Research and Education Manager
"I grew up trying to address my skin problems with advice from all kinds of sources – but it almost always ended up making my skin worse! Following the published research became important to me because I knew it was something I could count on. I’ll never forget reading about BHA in one of Paula’s earlier books and the science behind how its oil-soluble formula works for acne-prone skin. That was a light bulb moment for me and total game changer for my skin. That’s why I love working for Paula’s Choice, we deliver facts and skincare you can rely on."

Deborah Kilgore - Director of Skincare Knowledge Development Programs
"Our customers look to us to explain how our products and the ingredients we use work, and they want to know specific factual details. As a team we stay up to date with what the latest research says about skincare ingredients. If a new ingredient is trending, we look at whether the science is there to back up the claims. This means I always have the latest research on hand, so I can provide our customers with in-depth information about every one of our products."