Find the best skincare routine for combination skin

Combination Skin

Combination skin has an oily T-zone and is normal to dry elsewhere.

Oily parts may have enlarged pores, signs of breakouts and blackheads.

With the right products combination skin will become more balanced, look smoother and clearer. Follow this simple, step-by-step guide to give your combination skin the best possible care:

Step 1. Cleanse

How to tell if you have combination skin

For combination skin opt for a light gel-based or foaming cleanser. These textures gently remove impurities and makeup without stripping your skin or leaving it feeling oily. Skin is left balanced and smooth.

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Step 2. Exfoliate

How to tell if you have combination skin

Leave-on exfoliants gently remove built-up dead skin cells. For combination skin a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) is the best option. It not only helps skin gently shed dead skin, but it can get through the oil clogging your pores. For combination skin a gel or liquid texture is the most suitable option.

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Step 3. Moisturise

How to tell if you have combination skin

If you have combination skin, choose a moisturiser with a liquid or lotion texture. Our lightweight moisturisers with SPF won’t clog pores and will help balance skin.

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Extend your basic routine with other products for combination skin

Additional products can complement your basic routine

For example, a toner that removes the last bits of your makeup and balances skin, a mask to absorb excess oil or an antioxidant serum that repairs skin damage.

Give your combination skin something extra

Paula's Choice Skincare serums contain a high concentration of anti­oxi­dants and cell communicating ingredients. This makes a serum an effective addition to your routine.

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